Eco Friendly Living Tips

How we pick our fashion impacts the planet, from what clothes we wear to the fabrics we choose, how we wash them and dispose of them. This ethos extends to our lives and homes too. Whether you would like to save some money or go green and help mother earth, each small step that you make will lessen your impact on our planet in one way or another. View Thought sustainable socks made from organic cotton and bamboo.

Save Water

Save about 200 gallons of water per month by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth. Swapping a shower for a bath is another great way to save water as a full bathtub uses around 70 gallons of water, whereas a 5 minute shower uses around 10-25 gallons. A water saving feature on your toilet is also a good idea.

Your plants will love you if you water them with rainwater which has a neutral PH and is free from hard water elements. Collect rain water in jugs and jam jars in the garden.

Washing your clothing on a quicker cycle is a great way to save water – your clothes come out just as clean and will last longer this way. As well as this, around 90% of the energy used to wash our clothes comes from heating the water, so make sure you save energy and wash on a lower temperature.

Save water with jam jars

Save electricity and energy

Reduce your carbon footprint by conserving  energy , always turn off electrical appliances rather than leaving them on standby. Try switching to a renewable energy too. This energy is made using wind, solar, wave, tidal, hydroelectric and biomass power.

Using LED lights around the home not only lasts longer but are far more energy efficient that normal light bulbs.

Make sure your house is well insulated, which will keep your home warmer in the winter and cool in the summer without wasting money and energy on heating or air conditioning.

Save Fuel

Try to walk or ride a bike instead of using the car, not only does this save you money but its good exercise for your body and great for a healthy mind.

Ordering your shopping online actually helps the environment as it means less cars on the road, ordering online also stops impulse buying, reducing food waste.

Grow your own veg

Save Food

Eating less meat, swapping for more vegetables and grains one day a week can drastically help reduce CO2 emissions and water usage. Plus there are many health benefits too.

Try growing your own vegetables, this will lessen your carbon foot print.

Avoiding food waste and eat yesterdays left overs for lunch. This is a great tip for those with less time on their hands.

Try to buy local produce because the closer the produce is sourced to you, the less carbon emissions are produced in their transportation. Supporting local businesses that make their own economy stronger.

Reducing plastic waste

Try to avoid using plastic wherever you can. Always keep shopping bags in the car or in your bag so that you can avoid using plastic bags when out and about shopping. Buying fruit and veg loose instead of in packaging also helps the environment.

When you do use plastic, recycle as much as you can.

Would you like to share your energy saving tips? Tell us your favourite tip for saving energy by posting below?

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