Diabetic Footcare

Foot Care For Diabetics


A high percentage of diabetics suffer from a hydrolipid deficiency in the skin. Left untreated, this impairs the skin‘s own barrier function and therefore may lead to the development of foot lesions. With sea buckthorn and avocado oil, GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream contains skin-related fats with a high share of unsaturated fatty acids, which balance the lack of epidermal lipids that is typical for dry foot skin. Sea buck-thorn oil is also rich in linolic and linoleic acids, which play an important role in the production of the skin‘s ceramides.

The total lipid content of 21 percent corresponds the recommended concentration for dry skin care products. In com­bination with strongly hydrating urea, glycerine and a special algae extract, the recipe ensures a balanced hydrolipid barrier and is therefore optimally suited to the prevention of dry, cracked skin.

Diabetic Footcare

The cream also tackles excess callus. GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream reduces callus formation even after short-term use of two weeks, and consistently over four weeks.

Among other things, urea is responsible for the callus reducing effects. Even in a moderate con­centration, the ingredient has a strongly hydrating effect, softens the callus, and acts keratostatically by normalising cell growth.

Other ingredients support this process: Glycerine stabilises skin cells and ensures an elastic skin surface in this way. Allantoin removes excess callus, and renders the skin smooth and supple. Urea, glycerine and certain ingredients of algae extract also supply the skin with moisture. In combination with high quality oils, they improve its natural barrier function. The product is free of scents and well tolerated by diabetics. In this way, the care cream can be put to effective use to prevent diabetic foot lesions.


What is Sea buckthorn oil?


In Tibet, sea buckthorn oil has been an important medicinal substance for 1200 years. The yellow berries are still largely unknown here. The oil which is obtained from the fruits is rich in vitamins, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids and other valuable plant substances which regenerate and revi­talise the skin as components of creams.

Sea buckthorn is an unwieldy, thorny shrub.

It grows especially well in light, sandy soils.

The bush, which originates from the Altai Mountains, the Mongolian steppe and the Tibetan highlands.

Sea buckthorn oil in cosmetics
Sea buckthorn oil is a true multi talent in cosmetics. For instance, the high level of carotinoids protects against UV rays, acti­vates the metabolism, binds free radicals and thereby prevents premature skin ageing.

Palmitoleinic acid soothes irritated and stressed skin. Cosmetic products with sea buckthorn oil generally soothe the skin, moisturise, smooth and regenerate.


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