Orthosole Insoles

Orthosole Insole
Orthosole Insole

OrthoSole Insoles has been designed and developed by former England cricketer
Ronnie Irani with Martin Trautmann, podiatry advisor to many of the worlds
leading sports stars and global ambassadors.

Everyone knows all about the aches and pains that come from an active lifestyle
and just how critical good posture and core balance is for our wellbeing.

If you think of the feet as the foundation of your body, it is easy to see how
a crack or fault in the foundation could lead to problems throughout the
structure as a whole. For instance, if a person’s feet tend to pronate,
this can lead to improper daily posture and create pain not only in
the feet, but also the knees, hip, back, shoulders and neck.
With the right foot orthotics, pronation can be counteracted,
along with the unwanted side effects.

How can OrthoSole help me?
OrthoSoles Insoles provide you with a custom fitting support system to optimize
your insole’s support and cushion, specifically for your feet. This can result in
improvement in all the following areas:

Knee Pain
Improved foot positioning will improve knee alignment
and reduce knee pain.

Back Pain
The combination of OrthoSole’s adjustable support system and
cushioning materials work together to evenly distribute body
weight and reduce stress and shock to the lower back.

Foot Pain
Pain and pressure under the metatarsal bones (mid-foot) will be
reduced by the support of the metatarsal pads.

Ankle Pain
Improved foot position will improve ankle alignment,
which reduces ankle pain.

Heel Pain
OrthoSole’s triple-layer of heel cushioning helps to protect the heel,
reducing heel stress and pain.

Arch Pain/Plantar Fasciitis
The arch pad will improve support to the arch of the foot for a better foothold,
resulting in a reduction of plantar fasciitis and arch pain.

Hip Pain
The improved foot position will improve hip alignment, which reduces hip pain.

Shin Splints
By aligning your foot into its optimal position and providing improved cushioning,
OrthoSole reduces the excessive traction forces that cause pain and inflammation
in the shin area. Take a break from heavy activity if you have shin splints and start
again with OrthoSole to see the difference.

The arch pad will increase support to the arch of the foot, improving foot stability.

The Heel Chassis will help support this is as the foot rolls out during the gait cycle.

Circulation Issues in Feet
The improved pressure distribution will increase blood circulation in the foot.


orthosole styles

OrthoSole have a variety of styles that fit in all types of shoes and were created to be entirely unique and advanced from the standard offerings of uncomfortable, unsupportive generic insoles that are regularly seen in all types of footwear from casual to athletic. OrthoSole is an effective high-end product that is designed to accommodate your specific type of foot and body; the only insole on the market today with fully customisable Arch and Metatarsal supports.




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