Prevent further bunion development.

3 stages of Bunion development on the foot


Bunions may be experienced in 3 stages: Primary (1) & Secondary (2) stage bunions can be treated with orthotics  to prevent further development of the bunion. The Tertiary (3) stage generally requires surgery to straighten the toe ( hallux).



The reason why many women get bunions is not just because of their poorly fitting shoes but in many cases bunions form when they are young because bunions are not hereditary they are inherited – bad mechanics are an underlying cause.

The foot is made up of five long bones called the metatarsals that run between the heel bones and the toe bones. Normally, the big toe is in line with the first metatarsal, the second toe with the second metatarsal, and so on.

Left untreated the hallux (big toe) will increasingly deviate until it reaches the tertiary stage, in which the big toe either overlaps or underlaps the 2nd toe – making it difficult to obtain comfortable fitting footwear. Pain, discomfort and difficulty wearing shoes may be experienced due to the deformity – arthritis and stiffness in the joint can also develop.


A short 1st metatarsal, combined with excess pronation is the general causation of a bunion and bunion pain. As the 1st metatarsal deviates to the midline of the body, excess pronation assists the big toe into abduction (towards the 2nd toe) during the propulsive phase of gait. Female hormones also soften the tissue, which is why women are more likely to have bunions.

Orthotics that support the foot limit the effects of pronation & prevent further development of the bunion. Surgery may be required for tertiary stage.

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Best Protection: Epitact Corrective Bunion Orthosis

Convenient, comfortable, prevents rubbing on bunions without adding extra pressures. It can be used on the right foot or left foot. Not aimed at correcting deformation but instantly relieves rubbing pains. Machine washable & reusable.

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Best Gel Sleeve: Silipos Bunion Care Gel Sleeve

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Toe Separator for Bunions separates the large toe from the second toe, thereby preventing the overlapping of toes.

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