Swelling in the feet and ankles causes and treatments

Swelling in the feet

The foot plays a prominent role in the cardiovascular system, helping to pump blood out through the veins of the feet, up to the leg and back to the heart, while we walk and exercise. Let’s think of the foot working like an extra heart to pump the blood, by using foot impact with the ground and activity of the muscles in the foot to squeeze the blood through the veins.

Sitting for long periods, or if our veins don’t work quite as well as they used to, blood can pool in the feet and ankles making them swell. This is also true if your feet and legs get tired during long periods of exercise. In these circumstances, Foot Pump socks can be a great help in keeping foot swelling to a minimum.

Foot Pumps are medical-grade compression socks, with an extra twist to improve comfort and effectiveness of the compression on the veins. They feature pressure-free toe pockets that allow the muscles in the feet that run to the toes to help pump the blood out. This avoids the common problem of toe and nail irritation from the compression force of compression hosiery; by not restricting toe motion they enhance the muscles pumping activity. You can then freely wriggle your toes, even as you sit!

These Foot Pump Socks are great in helping reduce ankle swelling associated with long sitting, driving, flying, and long periods of static standing. They can also help in pregnancy when the veins are put under extra strain, and if you’re on the wrong side of 35 your veins generally stop working quite as well as they used to so that you notice a bit of foot and ankle swelling during the day.

But remember the best way for your foot pump to work is to get up and walk around regularly! The Foot Pumps socks are the secret friends that are there for times when that’s not so easy; in the car, at the office or travelling and want to prevent DVT or any time when your foot veins are under strain.

Please note that Foot Pump Socks are not appropriate for people that have restricted or insufficient blood flow to the feet. We recommend that you seek medical advice if you are diabetic or have concerns about other medical conditions that may restrict blood flow to your feet before wearing this product.
If you are pregnant any sudden increased swelling of the feet, ankles, face, and hands could be pre-eclampsia. If this occurs we recommend you seek urgent medical advice.

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Swelling in the feet and ankles

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