Ureka Footcare Cream

Ureka Foot Care Cream


There are three types of Ureka cream to treat different skin conditions, general dry skin conditions can be treated with the 10% version and the more intense 25% Urea cream can be used for excessively dry skin and cracked heels. Our range of Ureka footcare creams are used to maintain healthy feet, which contain a special ingredient Urea.
Everybody should use a foot care cream, as the feet need the same skin care attention as much as the rest of our body. Our 10% Urea cream applied regularly will quickly hydrate and moisturise the affected area, whether you have dry skin or cracked heels it is important that you moisturise your feet daily after showering/bathing.

People who suffer from diabetes should use a cream with Urea in, Urea benefits the skin as it minimises water lost through the skin’s epidermis, or outermost layer and can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, Ureka cream is Hypo Allergenic this will help against irritation of the skin. Ureka cream strengthens the skins barrier and helps to renew and regenerate, while acting on the skin’s outer layer to absorb other ingredients such as hydrocortisone.

Urea is a waste product of many living organisms produced by humans but also by many other mammals, as well as amphibians and some fish.
Urea was first discovered and isolated from human urine by a French chemist H.M. Rouelle in 1773. In 1828 a German chemist Friedrich Wohler then went on to create a synthesised version when he added silver cyanate to ammonium chloride solution producing a white crystalline material, which proved identical to urea obtained from urine. Urea was a very interesting and important discovery due to being the first organic compound to be synthetically formulated.

Our Ureka cream with Tea Tree Oil is used to treat tinea and other similar problems. The cream also helps to control odour causing bacteria and prevent infection. Contains calendula to help moisturise and provide smooth, supple skin. Tea tree often known as melaleuca oil has a long history of traditional use by the Australian Aboriginals for it’s healing properties. The tea trees were used in many different ways including inhaling the oil from the crushed leaves to treat coughs and colds, applying the leaves on wounds as a poultice as well as drinking the leaves as a tea to cure sore throats.
Here is a traditional story about the origins of the Tea Tree: The legendary Eelemani was a beautiful princess who was the Johnny Appleseed of tea tree oil.  She left her true love to travel through the unknown bush of New South Wales. Eelemani was worried the journey back to her family and loved one would be difficult as the forest trail was long. Eelemani was a special princess who had the gods on her side, she spoke to the Gods of the earth and planets and was rewarded with special seeds that were to be sown along the trails. The princess listened to the bell birds calling reassuringly as she made her way through the forest. As the special seeds fell to the ground and into the moist soil they grew roots and shots that guided there way to the sunlight.
These extraordinary trees stood out from all the other trees with their white paper bark which reflected the moonlight at night showing Eelemani the trail through the forest. Over time these magical trees became known to the Bundjalung people as having special powers: Just as the trees had protected Eelemani the leaves of the trees were found to protect against infection and skin ailments. Back to home page> >

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