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The Co-founders of Dr.’s Remedy Dr. Cirlincione and Dr.Spielfogel peel back the facts why Ridges and Splitting prevent your nails from growing into a strong healthy nail.

Q: My nails are always SPLITTING. What’s wrong with them and how can I stop it?

Onychoschisis or lamellar dystrophy, is a condition that causes horizontal splits within the nail plate. Nail splitting is often seen together with onychorrhexis – long-wise (longitudial) splitting or ridging of the nail plate – and these 2 diseases together are called “brittle nail syndrome.” Caused by the following:

Frequent wetting & drying of the hands, (cleaners, nurses and hairdressers).
Exposure to nail cosmetics (hardners, polish, polish removers/solvents), gel nail procedures, and occupational exposure to various chemicals.
Injury (trauma)
Medical problems, including gland (endocrine system) diseases, tuberculsis, and malnutrition.
Skin diseases, such as lichen planus and psoriasis, as well as taking oral medications made from vitamin A


The Co-founders of Dr.’s Remedy Dr. Cirlincione and Dr.Spielfogel

Take the Podiatrists ADVICE

• Wear plastic or rubber gloves.
• Keep the nails trimmed short.
• Soak your nails in water daily, 15 minutes at a time, to increase the water content (hydration) of the nails.
• Apply moisturisers, such as petroleum jelly to improve nail hydration
• Avoid nail-hardening agents containing formaldehyde and acrylate.
• Visit a podiatrist


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• Diabetes and poor circulation
• Genetic predisposition
• Dermatological disorders like psoriasis or eczema
• Athletic activity like running long distances (toes become vulnerable to trauma)
• Frequently using poor nail polish
• Household chemicals
• The resin contained in cigarette smoke
• Ultraviolet

Q: What causes those ugly RIDGES on my nails?

Vertical ridges on your nails can be a normal result of ageing. Horizontal ridges on the other hand, can be caused by diseases that affect the entire body, including malnutrition, heart attack, severe infections and metabolic disturbances, including poorly controlled diabetes.

 A very common cause of ridges is malnutrition or malabsorption. Vitamin deficiencies cause ridges on fingernails, as the body’s production of the materials in the nail is interrupted.

 Take the Podiatrists advice:

 • Eat a healthier diet and supplement with vitamins

• Eat gelatin, which will also benefit your hair!

• Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to learn more about your specific condition.

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