Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

Diabetic Footcare


Many diabetics do not know that they have to pay special attention to their feet. Various foot problems come with diabetes. Therefore affected persons should regularly inspect their feet – both on their own and with the help of a foot care pro.


Foot care tips for diabetics

1. Regular checks
Diabetics with peripheral nerve damage (polyneuropathy) have impaired or absent pain sensation in the feet. Therefore, affected persons should check their feet every evening and search for pressure spots, foreign bodies, swelling, redness and injuries. This is most easily done with a mirror.

2.Carefully bathe the feet
The feet must be kept clean at all times. However, foot baths are only advisable if the skin is intact.
High quality products with a balanced recipe are suitable for baths. The water temperature must not exceed 35 degrees Celsius (max. 37 to 38 degrees), and the bath should take only three to five minutes. You should always measure the temperature of your foot bath with a bath thermometer.

3. Dry carefully
After the footbath, dry the feet carefully with a soft towel. Use commercial cotton carriers such as cotton pads for the spaces between the toes. A hairdryer, red light lamp, warming bottle, heating lamp, heating pillow or sun light should not be used for drying, due to the acute risk of burns.

4. Care with fats and moisture
Fatty creams with moisture binding ingredients are suitable for daily care of dry skin due to lack of sweat formation. Rich products such as GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream with urea help to stabilise the skin barrier and prevent skin tears or rhagades. This also lowers the risk of infection by fungi and bacteria. View More Products for Diabetic Feet.

5. Neither sharp nor pointed
Do not use sharp instruments such as shears, planes, nippers, razor blades or coarse rasps for nail care and callus removal insofar as possible. Sandpaper
or diamond files are suitable for trimming nails, and a natural pumice stone can be used to remove excess callus. File the toenails straight in front and
lightly round the nail corners.

6. Not alone in everything
Do not use callus dissolving products (keratolytics). They soften the skin, increasing the risk of infections. Have corns removed only by the foot specialist.


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