8 Amazing Tea Tree Benefits


What is Tea Tree oil?

Tea Tree oil is produced from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia by means of distillation. This very natural production method with strict quality control gives a product purity of 100%.  Tea Tree oil has a particularly healing effect. It can be applied undiluted to infected areas, spots, boils, cuts, insect bites and mild burns.

Despite this strong antiseptic effect, Tea Tree oil does not irritate the skin, protects against fungal infections, kills bacteria and, contrary to chemical substances, is not poisonous.

It does not affect healthy skin tissue and promotes normal cell growth and cell regeneration. Because it can be dissolved, Tea Tree oil can penetrate deep into skin layers, abscesses, gums and even under nails. It mixes with pus in spots or infected wounds and promotes its secretion. Here are 8 benefits of using Tea Tree Oil on your skin and feet:

Tea tree is an ideal product to prevent fungal infections of the nails, the soothing and nourishing ingredients in Courtin Nail Oil is recommended for brittle and splitting nails.  Courtin Nail Oil returns a natural shine to the nails. Apply once a day and massage for several minutes until the oil has been absorbed.


Tea Tree Benefits
Tea Tree provides long term refreshment and deodorises the feet due to its anti fungal properties and can be used to help athletes foot. Courtin Foot deo Spray can be sprayed on to the feet keeping them soft and fresh and optimally hydrated, neutralising any odours. To be sprayed in the shoes in cases of athletes foot.

Tea Tree Benefits Tea Tree is suitable for treating skin problems such as eczema due to the essential oil being a natural disinfectant and having antimicrobial activity which may help eczema.


Tea Tree Benefits
Tea Tree is ideal for problem skin, especially for dry skin on the feet and hands, Courtin Hand and Foot Cream with 5% Tea Tree Oil can also help Chilblains on the feet as well as having a purifying effect that cleanses the skin.


Tea Tree Benefits

Tea Tree is mostly known for helping clear Acne, due to its strong antiseptic properties that purify the pores and removes impurities. Courtin Rub Off Exfoliator is the perfect way to remove impurities that clog the pores of the epidermis.


Tea Tree Benefits

Blocked nose- Courtin Pure Tea Tree oil helps prevent a cold. For example, add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to your bath. Already have that snotty nose? Rub a few drops of tea tree oil around your nostrils. If you prefer, you can dilute it with Jojoba oil. Please note: be careful with your eyes!


Tea Tree Oil

Blisters – Apply pure Tea Tree oil two to three times a day with a cotton bud.


Tea Tree Oil

Cuts/itching – Use Tea Tree oil. If necessary dilute with a basic oil (for example jojoba oil).

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