Tips to Help Manage Bunions

A bunion is the condition that the big toe is angled excessively towards the second toe and a bony lump appears on the side of the big toe. Eventually, the area gets inflamed, and the entire joint becomes stiff and painful.

Causes of the disorder
• Inherited (genetic) factors
• Rheumatoid arthritis or Gout
• Flat Feet
• High-heeled and narrow shoes

Stages of Bunion Severity

Stage one bunion

1st Degree
Toe malpositioning up to 20 degrees.
No major symptoms. A Bunion Sock or sleeve can be used for early prevention.


Bunion stage two

2nd Degree
Malpositioning between 20 – 30 degrees. Occasional pain. A bunion sock or sleeve should be used at this stage. 


Bunion stage three

3rd Degree
Malpositioning between 30 – 50 degrees. Regular pain. Increasing restraint on activities. A consultation with medical care professional is recommended prior to using a bunion sleeve or sock. A bunion sock or sleeve should be used at this stage.


Bunion stage

4th Degree
The most severe form of bunion with malpositioning over 50 degrees and painful restraints on everyday activities. If your doctor has recommended surgery, a bunion sleeve or bunion sock may be recommended to assist in post surgical rehabilitation.

Treating Bunions
Although surgery is the only way to completely remove a bunion and correct the toe, there are a many different options for treating bunions, in less serious cases the pain of the bunion can be lightened with these methods:

  1. Avoid high heels, especially tight fitting, pointy shoes.
  2. Stay away from shoes with limited toe space.
  3. Use bunion pads to protect the area from excessive rubbing. View Bunion patches here
    View Bunion Gel Cushion here
  4. Choose footwear with plenty of room for movement, tight fitting shoes will aggravate the condition.
  5. Wear a Corrective sock or bunion sleeve like the Superfoot Corrective Sock, this is a thin fabric that fits in all footwear.
    The sock reduces friction and swelling and strengthens the muscle in the big toe.
  6. Maintain a health weight, extra weight can intensify the pain of a bunion.
  7. To help with pain apply an ice pack to the affected area for five minute periods, paracetamol will help with the pain.
  8. Toe spreaders help to spread out the toes when you relax at the end of the day, this help to limit the pain and re-set the alignment of your toes.

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