Lock Laces – No tie coloured shoe laces.

Lock Laces® are “elastic no-tie shoelaces”, turning any shoe into a slip on whether you’re a busy mum, senior or athlete. Lock laces give you the ability to instantly take your shoes off and on without tying any shoe laces. The lace is then secured by a lock rather than a knot or a bow, making lock laces an easy and fast way to put any laced shoes.

Athletes or anyone wanting to slip on shoes quickly can benefit from wearing lock laces, especially if you need a quick workout in the gym, lock laces allow you to do so hassle-free.

With adjustable tension the laces will stretch when you put your foot in the shoe, perfect for anyone who suffers from arthritis or trouble bending over. Lock Laces also make wearing shoes easier for people with disabilities or who lack the ability to put their own shoes on.

  • 12 COLOURS
  • £6.99

Lock Lace Shoe Lace Orange

Lock Lace Shoe Lace in grey

Lock Lace Shoe Lace in White on boat shoe



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