EMTRIX Fungal Nail Treatment

Emtrix for fungal nails


Nail fungus
The most common cause of all nail problems is nail fungus, affecting around 10% of the general population.1

The condition, which is contagious, starts in one nail and gradually spreads to more nails. It is usually the nails on the feet that are affected but fungus on fingernails can also occur. The fungus grows slowly and often displays slight symptoms to begin with. Nail fungus is characterised by the nails’ layers becoming ridged and brittle. The nail gradually becomes discoloured, thickened and cracks or flakes off. The infected nail can fall off if it is not treated. Nail fungus can, in certain cases, be painful.


How Emtrix works
Emtrix is a topical treatment for nails affected by fungal infection or psoriasis. Emtrix improves the appearance of discoloured and deformed nails. Emtrix has a physical keratolytic effect and degrades the cells of fungi that typically cause fungal nail infection. Emtrix increases hydration, gently smoothes the outer layers of the nail plate and, by changing the nail’s microenvironment and improving nail surface integrity, keeps nail in good condition.
First signs of improvement are normally seen after 2-4 weeks of treatment.2


Easy to use
Emtrix is easy to use and there is no need to file the nail. Apply Emtrix once daily to affected nails, preferably in the evening just before bed time. Emtrix is applied to the nail with a patented silicone drop tip.

Duration of treatment varies according to the initial severity of the condition, but in many cases 3-6 months treatment may be required to achieve acceptable results. For optimal results, continue the treatment until a normal nail has grown out.2

Emtrix contains

Emtrix has a patented composition consisting of propylene glycol, urea and lactic acid. The ingredients in Emtrix are all GRAS listed compounds (General Regarded As Safe by FDA) and fully biodegradable. The product is free from preservatives and fragrances.







Clinically proven to rapidly improve appearance of fungal nails.

› First signs of improvement are normally seen after 2-4 weeks.

› Normalizes thickened nails.

› Reduces nail discolouration.

› Easy to use, once daily and no filing needed.

Emtrix® is an effective and clinically proven topical treatment for nails affected by fungal nail infection or psoriasis. Emtrix improves the appearance of discoloured and deformed nails and first signs of improvement are normally seen already after 2-4 weeks of treatment*
*8 weeks clinical study. JCDSA.









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