Keep your feet smooth this winter

The new GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Scrub is the
perfect footcare cream that is exclusively from your foot
care specialist. This Scrub will give you the extra special treatment
your feet need in the surroundings of your own home.

With fine bamboo powder and sugar crystals, jojoba
wax and honey extract, avocado oil and
Vitamin E immediately turn the foot bath
into a regenerating, caring spa experience.

Scrubbing aromatic massage
The feet and legs are slightly moistened
before the bath, and then massaged with
the shimmery, white-green, fresh but not
strongly scented crystalline substance of
Soft Feet Scrub.

Aside from the soothing massage effect, the
following happens: First, fine sugar crystals
thoroughly remove the dead skin cells of
the uppermost skin layer. The sugar gradually
dissolves in the process, so that no sticky
residue remains. After the sugar rub, the
skin is fine tuned with ground bamboo.
The woody sweet grass is eminently suited
to the second scrub stage. Bamboo is rich
in natural silicates, which lend the ground
powder a white colour.

The scrubbing composition of
sugar and bamboo of the GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT
Soft Feet Scrub leaves behind a very
smooth, attractive skin appearance – and
this, very practically, while giving a pleasant
foot and leg massage whose toning effect is
further intensified by fine wax spheres.

The Gehwol Soft Feet Cream With Milk and Honey
is an optimal supplement to the scrub with special deep hyaluron,
milk and honey extract, it offers modern ingredients which
also stimulate the senses while intensifying
moisture care. Use the cream to spoil yourself
with an aromatic foot massage after the treatment.

These small details turn foot care into an emotional experience –
a small luxury which wellness lovers are happy to enjoy in everyday life.

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