Yellow Nails | Nails with a yellowish discolouration

Nails with yellow discolouration


Finger and toe nails that show a yellowish discolouration are regarded as a reflection that the physical state of the nail has been affected by cosmetics or due to an illness. Smoking often embeds toxins in the nails. They attack the callus plates and lead to colour changes. Tight shoes are also regarded as causes of yellowish finger and toe nails. Physical influences such as colour forming bacteria or x-rays may also be causes.

Yellow nails often occur after pedicures. The cause is deemed to be the solvents which are contained in many – especially coloured – nail polishes.

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From yellow to crumbly nails

Colour changes and excessively soft or brittle nails, a detaching nail plate or crumbly nails may not always be the affected persons fault but due to a physical disorder. Fungal nail infections (onychomycosis), skin and thyroid disorders, various deficiencies or infections can also be causes.

Care for healthy and beautiful nails

Care and optimal treatment of toenails and nails  with important nutrients comes in the form of effective, high quality nail products. For instance Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail polish and treatments are formulated with natural ingredients Tea tree oil & garlic bulb extract which is known to help prevent fungal infections of the nail (onychomycosis) while Lavender has a cleaning, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Every Dr.’s Remedy nail product is enriched with wheat protein and vitamins C and E, which strengthern weak nails and prevent discolouration and cracking.

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