Foot Health Week

There really is no better time to take care of your feet than now, during Foot Health Week. Here at Feetlife we passionately believe that if you feel great on your feet it improves your overall well-being, so our aim is to provide foot care solutions that are right for our customers. Take a look at our most popular Foot Health solutions on Feetlife. If you are ever unsure about your foot condition or need professional help and advice, we recommend contacting your local podiatrist.


A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. It occurs when some of the bones in the front part of your foot move out of place. This causes the tip of your big toe to get pulled toward the smaller toes and forces the joint at the base of your big toe to stick out. The skin over the bunion might be red and sore.

Wearing tight, narrow shoes might cause bunions or make them worse. Bunions can also develop as a result of the shape of your foot, a foot deformity or a medical condition, such as arthritis.

Podopro Bunion Care Gel Sleeve

This comfortable sleeve cushions, pads & protects. This anatomically designed gel pad from Podopro conforms to the shape of the bunion which also relieves friction and pressure from the foot.

Podopro Bunion Toe Spreaders

These Bunion Toe Spreaders from Podopro can be used as an inter-digital wedge for bunion deformity, overlapping toes, or toe drift– helping to align the big toe to help reduce pain.

Dry Skin

Dead skin on the feet can build up because of a lack of moisture– for example if your feet are constantly enclosed in shoes or socks, or from the friction of walking or running. It can also form if you don’t regularly care for, exfoliate or scrub your feet. Dead skin on your feet may appear dry, cracked,  loose or hanging.

Ureka Footcare Kit

Maintains skin hydration, helps prevent dry and hard skin and cracked heels. Kit includes:

• Ureka 10% Urea Footcare cream 100ml

• Pediwand Foot file. For removal of hard skin.

Prende Intense Cleansing Balm

This is a facial for your feet and hands. Used in salons by professionals. The ultimate in luxury hand and foot care. Prende Cleansing balm transforms skin by cleansing, nourishing and hydrating. Penetrating your skin for superior and optimal moisturisation.

Fungal Nails

A fungal infection of the nail may affect part of the nail, the entire nail, or several nails.

Common signs of a fungal nail infection include:

  • A distorted nail that may lift off from the nail bed
  • An odour coming from the infected nail
  • Brittle or thickened nail/nails
Body Essentials– Nourish Your Nails

An anti-microbial blend of essential oils for the use on nails affected by fungal infections with thickened, psoriatic nails. This can also be applied to dry, brittle nails to help strengthen them.



Emtrix® is an effective and clinically proven topical treatment for nails affected by fungal nail infection or psoriasis. Emtrix improves the appearance of discoloured and deformed nails and first signs of improvement are normally seen already after 2-4 weeks of treatment.


People with flat feet may experience foot pain, particularly in the heel or arch area. The pains caused by flat feet may worsen with activity. Swelling along the inside of the ankle can also occur.

Strive Orthotic Footwear

Strive Footwear incorporates a podiatrist designed ‘Biomechanical Footbed Technology’ which re-designs the classic flat footbed to the natural contours of your feet. Unlike other artificial methods of cushioning, Strives are crafted to support the foot in the very position it is meant to be held in– all helping improve posture and reduce harmful stresses in your feet and body.

Podopro Foot Support 

This foot support is made from leather and is covered with lightweight acrylic– with built-in heel cushion and metatarsal pad. Designed to relax muscles, ligaments and tendons and provide relief from fallen arches and splay foot problems. 

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