X-Mist Q and A

X Mist sanitiser

X-Mist is a highly effective, powerful broad-spectrum germicide that kills and eliminates bad odours and bacteria and viruses present in your room/space. Leaves a fresh fragrance of Tea Tree. 1 can fills a 5 metre by 5 metre room.


The branded biocide Is an incredibly powerful germ killer and is left on all surfaces. It continues to kill germs and pathogens and can remain active for up to 7 days.

X Mist has achieved three BS EN standards, these detail how effectively the product kills germs. Germs is the collective term for bacteria, fungi, protozoa (the ones that cause odours) and viruses, including all Coronaviruses.

Germicidal Kill Rate is measured as the number, out of 1,000,000, expected to survive the sanitisation process when using the product. X-Mist has a log kill rate of 6 which means 1 out of 1,000,000 pathogens may survive sanitisation. Just to put this into context bleach achieves a log rate of around 3 which means 1,000 out of 1,000,000 pathogens may survive.

The bacteria X-Mist was tested against include, Legionella, Listeria, MRSA and E. Coli. All of which were virtually eradicated.

The aqueous ionising solution also helps kill viruses and charges the particles that are dispensed from the special canister so that they can disperse over a wide area, much larger than a normal aerosol can would be capable of.

The particles, as they are ejected, act like tiny magnets all given the same charge, so they repel each other. Effectively, they try their hardest not to be near the next particle and this allows a single can to fill a 5 metre by 5 metre room.

The fragrance left behind after the treatment is fresh and lets you know an area has been sanitised.

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Q & A

Q) Will the X-mist react with other products we are using?

A) No as the Ethanol will be inert after approx. 20 mins and the active agent (virucidal) is left behind at microscopic level and will not react.

Q) Is X-Mist flammable?

A)- All aerosols are classed as flammable and points of ignition must be avoided including naked flames and sparks etc whilst the contents are dispersed. The propellant/ ethanol will be inert after approx. 20 mins as it evaporates. The active agent (virucidal) remains on all surfaces and is not flammable. However, we state minimum of 60 mins due to possible reduced ventilation.

Q) Is X-Mist safe for rooms with no windows?

A) In line with the answer above the room should be vacated for a minimum of 60 mins. Rooms with no windows or other form of ventilation may require longer, however if the room has air conditioning, this will assist in the disbursement. Once the room is clear of mist the room is perfectly safe to enter.

Q) We have a client who operates an electronics company making circuitry for vital equipment. They need to know if the product is inert and in a nonconductive form after it has been used?

A) The high Ethanol/ Alcohol we use is inert after approx. 20 mins, as it evaporates, it leaves behind a virucidal active agent at microscopic level. This agent leaves no residue and we have been informed that the product at this level should cause no damage. However, we suggest that if the circuitry is very sensitive then they should be covered or removed from the area.

Q) Can we leave computers and other electrical appliances in situ and do light switches / sockets require covering?

A) All appliances left in situ will be coated and we suggest that computers/ keyboards, phones etc should be left as they are potential harbours for bacteria and viruses. However, we advise all appliances should be switched off. In line with answer above anything highly sensitive or critical should be removed or covered as a precaution. All electrical switches and sockets can be let uncovered as this is one of the advantages of X-Mist when compared to fogging. The only item we suggest covering or isolate is smoke detectors (in case of false alarm).

Q) Is this harmful to pets and plants?

A) all pets and animals must be cleared from the room for the advised 60mins minimum. All aquatic life/equipment, delicate plants or foliage should be removed or covered during the process

Q) Is it safe for pregnant women?

A) As previous answers please vacate room for 60mins and avoid breathing in any mist. If in doubt, please consult your doctor / midwife showing the MSDS

Q) Can it be used in kitchens / food areas.

A) X-Mist is used as a sanitiser within the food industry and is perfectly safe to use within kitchens etc. Our advice is to remove any exposed food stuffs and eating utensils / crockery etc as although the mist is ethanol and virucidal coating is harmless to humans the product has a fragrance and this could leave and after taste on the food stuff / utensils.

Q) Please confirm that this kills the COVID-19 virus and for how long?

A) In line with current UK government guidelines and World Health Organisation statements; that the coronavirus will be eradicated when subjected to a product containing 61% or above ethanol/alcohol and achieving a log kill rate 3. X-Mist has a log kill rate of 6 (see our data ref log kill rates).

X-Mist remains active for up to 7 days.

Q) Will the active agent wipe off during cleaning.

A) The microscopic coating will remain on surfaces, actively killing bacteria and viruses for up to 7 days. You should refrain from wiping sanitized areas with anything other than warm soapy water, strong bleaches and detergents can wipe away the active virucidal and therefore leaves an unprotected surface. Flooring in high traffic areas such as main entrances may cause the coating to wear off in that area, but other areas will remain active and as such sanitise foot traffic as it moves into other areas.

Q) Will the coating prevent me from catching Covid 19 and will it cure me if I do?

A) The active coating prevents the spread of Covid 19 in that it not only sanitises and kills 99.9998% of all germs and bacteria, it continues killing any fresh deposits. For instance should someone come into contact with the virus and has it on their hand and the they touch a coated surface (desk) it will not only kill the virus that is transmitted to the desk it will also kill the virus on the individuals hand (or part of hand that makes full contact with the surface). This means that if anyone touches the same area on the desk it will not transmit to that person and as result prevent the virus spreading. This is particularly prevalent with shared desks, keyboards phones etc.

X-Mist is not an antidote nor is it capable of killing or curing any disease within the human body. Unfortunately, if someone passes the virus directly to you by touch or other then it is likely you will become infected and should immediately self-isolate and follow the government advice.

X-Mist is not fit for human consumption.

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