How Organic Cotton Helps The Environment


Fabrics are very important to Thought that’s why we’re here to tell you about organic cotton and why it makes so much more sense…

Better Soil And Harvests

Before non organic cotton is planted its seeds are usually treated with genetically modified pesticides and chemicals. Organic Cotton is not treated in this way, the seeds grow naturally with the help of compost and manure. This also helps to enrich soil quality which means that our rivers and wildlife are free from synthetic fertilisers and toxic pesticides.

It Helps Farmers and Their Families

Better quality soil brings a better harvest, so a bigger income. When it’s time to harvest organic cotton, farmers can plant other crop varieties (known as ‘crop rotation’) to improve soil structure and restrict the build-up of pests and weeds. Often edible bean producing plants are sewn in between cotton so even when crops are rotated , a sellable end product is grown so farmers earn a steady income.

It Helps fight Climate change

Organic farming releases less carbon dioxide into the environment, it’s automatically better for the atmosphere. When you choose organic cotton, you are helping to do your bit towards climate change.

Better End Garments

Organic cotton is usually higher in quality and silky soft on the skin thanks to no harsh chemicals or nasty pesticides. In a world where we now consider what we eat, the beauty products we use, so why should we wear clothes that have been made using toxic, people and planet damaging substances and methods?

Socks Made With Certified Cotton

Organic cotton certification happens at the stage when the harvested cotton plant is carefully spun into fibre. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) only certifies fibres as organic when strict environmental and social criteria have been met.

Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Socks are sustainable and naturally sourced. Let your feet feel the difference and show the planet you care.

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